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Positive Play: Can gamification support P/CVE measures?

By Linda Schlegel. Introduction In the last years, the ‘gamification of extremism’ has gained an increasing amount of attention in both research and practice. From the development of original games and the modification of existing popular games such as Call of Duty, to the use of in-game chats and gaming adjacent platforms for communication and […] Mehr lesen

EXIT Finland

By Lotta Carlsson & Onni Sarvela. The EXIT Finland program of the Deaconess Foundation is responsible for developing a national disengagement from violent extremism model to assist individuals who want to disengage from violent radicalisation and violent extremist groups. The program adopts a multi-agency approach in the prevention of violent extremism bringing together local authorities, […] Mehr lesen

EXIT-Deutschland als Begleitprojekt

Von Team EXIT-Deutschland. EXIT-Deutschland ist Begleitprojekt des Bundesprogramms „Demokratie leben!“ EXIT-Deutschland, als einzige auf zivilgesellschaftlicher Ebene angesiedelte Initiative der bundesweiten Ausstiegsarbeit im Rahmen der originären EXIT-Strategien, leistet einen gesamtgesellschaftlichen Beitrag zur Eindämmung extremistischer Kriminalität sowie zur Aufklärung und Prävention rechtsradikaler Erscheinungsformen und Bewegungen. Dazu werden verschiedene Formate – Projekte, Kampagnen, Aktionen, Informations-, Aufklärungs- und Bildungsveranstaltungen – […] Mehr lesen

Online EXIT-Work – Delivering Interventions Online

By Robert Örell. Violent-right-wing extremists (VRWE) use the online space to spread their ideology and to reach vulnerable individuals to recruit online… How do VRWE exploit the online space?  Violent-right-wing extremists (VRWE) use the online space to spread their ideology and to reach vulnerable individuals to recruit online. The online platforms operated by extremist groups […] Mehr lesen

Two Sides of the Same Coin: A personal story

By ACD. Dear readers, let me introduce myself. I work in a social field. Every day I help people imrpove their lives and how to deal with their problems. Many years of my life I have spent in living in mutliple countries and amongst many cultures. However, as of some years ago I also spent […] Mehr lesen

Personal reflections from a woman in the extremist underground

By Lauren Manning. In 2012 I began disengaging from the extremist underground and I would love to be able to say that I made a clean break over night, however I would be lying through my teeth. From the outside looking in, my childhood seemed perfect. I grew up in a middle-class family with my […] Mehr lesen

Government responses to far-right extremism: Learning from 10 European states

By Vidhya Ramalingam. Abstract: Europe has been confronted repeatedly with the grim reality of right-wing extremism over the past several years. In October 2013, Ukrainian born terrorist Pavlo Lapshyn was convicted for racially-motivated murder and for plotting a campaign of terror against mosques in the UK. In August 2012, far right terrorist Anders Behring Breivik […] Mehr lesen

Right-Wing Extremist Radicalization Processes: The Formers’ Perspective

By Daniel Köhler. Abstract: This study is based on the in-depth analysis of nine narrative interviews with seven former high ranking German right-wing extremists. Giving an intensive overview about the related academic literature on right-wing radicalization processes the findings regarding the individual motivations for entry; belonging and exit are integrated therein, albeit focusing on the […] Mehr lesen