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How to use campaigns for exit work?

An overview of Exit Germany‘s target group approach By Fabian Wichmann. Summary How do you reach a target group that is relatively insular and communicate with a message that is meant to challenge their worldview? What role can campaigns play in this context and, how has the target group reacted to corresponding actions? Can campaigns […] Mehr lesen

Journal EXIT-Deutschland – Jahresbericht 2021

Das Journal EXIT-Deutschland (JEX) ist seit 2008 die erste umfassende und regelmäßig erscheinende Zeitschrift im deutschsprachigen Raum für den wissenschaftlich interdisziplinären Austausch mit der Praxis über Deradikalisierung, Extremismus und demokratische Kultur. Dabei ist das Journal in zwei Bereiche unterteilt: den wissenschaftlich-theoretischen und den praktischen Teil. Beide Bereiche sollen sich in einem Dialog, verbunden durch eine […] Mehr lesen

Berliner Polizei-Einheit – Berlins Magistrat und die Innere Sicherheit nach dem Mauerfall

Von Bernd Finger. Seit 1987 befand ich mich nach Berufung durch den seinerzeitigen Polizeipräsidenten Georg Schertz an der Polizeischule in Berlin-Spandau als Ausbildungsleiter Kriminalpolizei, unter anderem zuständig für die Ausbildung des höheren Dienstes der Schutzpolizei und der Kriminalpolizei im 1. Studienjahr. In diesem Kontext ergab sich rund vier Wochen nach dem 9. November 1989, der […] Mehr lesen

Consequences of Extremist Digital Heritage on the Rehabilitation Process

By Dr Virginie Andre. Introduction The diffusion of digital extremist content by individuals and extremist groups, as well as the way in which this content and terrorism-related events are reported by news media, have increasingly raised concerns regarding: 1) the perpetuation of violent extremist propaganda; 2) pathways to radicalisation; and 3) the potential recruitment and […] Mehr lesen

The role and function of conspiracy narratives in right-wing extremism

By Fabian Wichmann. With the strengthening of social polarisation and social crises, conspiracy narratives or conspiracy ideologies are also experiencing a boost. Various studies have shown that people who believe in conspiracy narratives do not only believe in one of these narratives, but are receptive to many more diverse narratives. This is one explanation for […] Mehr lesen

Returning to Extremism

An Overview on Terrorist Reoffending and Current Challenges By Susanna Z. Papp and Robert Örell.  Due to recent tragic terrorist attacks in Europe, the question of terrorist recidivism has come to the centre of attention in public and policy discourses. Although the data show low recidivism rates in European countries, the impact of successful re-offenses […] Mehr lesen

Atomwaffen Division Financing

Backgrounder and counter-terrorist financing options By Jessica Davis. In this post, I explore the financing mechanisms used by Atomwaffen Division and the new iteration of the group, National Socialist Order. Both AWD and NSO, as well as James Mason, one of the ideological leaders of AWD, are all listed terrorist entities in Canada. Like many ideologically-motivated violent […] Mehr lesen

Conference: 4th Addressing the New Landscape of Terrorism

4th International Conference 25-28 October 2021 Berlin, Germany (online) Victoria University – EXIT-Germany The Addressing the New Landscape of Terrorism initiative was created in 2015, with its first edition launched in February 2016 in Melbourne, then its second and third editions, respectively, in July 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand and in April 2019 in Rabat, Morocco. […] Mehr lesen

Sex, Drugs, & NS Rock ’n‘ Roll

Right-wing Extremist Brotherhoods and their Mafia-like Structures. By Elias Vander. They wear leather outfits with the insignia of their gang, imitate well-known and international motorcycle clubs with their attire and make money in similar ways as as their apparently (in)famous idols. Since the beginning of the nineties, so called „brotherhoods“ have been an integral part […] Mehr lesen