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Preventive campaigning

Preventive campaigning using biographical experiences from victims, survivors and former extremists By Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN). Introduction Two key groups often considered as credible messengers in preventive campaigning in preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE) are former extremists who have disengaged from radical ideologies (1) and victims and survivors of terrorism who have directly experienced […] Mehr lesen

Hate, Violence and Megalomania (2/3)

From Military to Brotherhood (2/3) By Ferdinand. Verfasst von Fabian Wichmann und Felix Benneckenstein. German version. Ferdinand had joined the far-right Scene of Germany during his early teenage years. Motivated by an ideologically charged interest in militarism and the sanctification of fallen German soldiers (during World War II), he continued to further radicalize himself. He […] Mehr lesen

The Message

Formers in prevention/countering violent extremism (P/CVE) – Standards by EXIT-Germany By Ulrike Krause, Bernd Wagner, Fabian Wichmann. Summary EXIT-Germany is an organization that helps individuals exit from right-wing extremist (rwe/vrwe) groups. It includes formers in its work on an equal basis, with their involvement in political education, background research, and territorial situation analyses. Maintaining a […] Mehr lesen

Hate, Violence and Megalomania (1/3)

No One Cares About the Obvious (1/3) By Ferdinand. Verfasst von Fabian Wichmann und Felix Benneckenstein. German version. Ferdinand* came into contact with the right-wing extremist movement at a young age. Fed by a one-sided interest in military history and hero worship, he became increasingly radicalised. He was a member of various comradeships and groups. […] Mehr lesen

Confronting the Mental Health Realities of Successful Exit from VFRE

By Life After Hate. Who are those who are looking to exit violent far right extremism (VFRE)? Just as the definition of VFRE has adapted and expanded over the years, so, too, have the needs of those looking to leave VFRE changed. Over the last decade it has become clear that direct-service work combatting violent […] Mehr lesen

How to use campaigns for exit work?

An overview of Exit Germany‘s target group approach By Fabian Wichmann. Summary How do you reach a target group that is relatively insular and communicate with a message that is meant to challenge their worldview? What role can campaigns play in this context and, how has the target group reacted to corresponding actions? Can campaigns […] Mehr lesen

Dos and don’ts of involving formers in PVE/CVE work

By Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN). Summary In Bordeaux, France on 26 and 27 June 2017, the RAN C&N and RAN Exit working groups explored the added value of working with formers, by examining their specific qualities and experiences. This ex post paper takes the form of a manual, and contains guidelines (dos and don’ts) for […] Mehr lesen