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Review: Skin, Stone

By Miriam Steinkeller & Fabian Wichmann. For the exhibition Haut, Stein Jakob Ganslmeier photographed – in cooperation with EXIT-Deutschland – tattoos and their removal process of people who left the violent-right-wing extremist scene. In contrast to tattoos, which tell of biographical processes of people who left the scene, photos of Nazi symbolism in public space […] Mehr lesen


By Dr Virginie Andre and Onni Sarvela. The first series of international online workshops on the ‘Multi-dimensional Role of Former Extremists in Prevention, Intervention and Countering of Violent Extremism’ was launched on 25 and 29 May, and 2 and 5 June. The workshop brought together 21 front-line practitioners (including exit and law enforcement practitioners), policy-makers […] Mehr lesen

Personal reflections from a woman in the extremist underground

By Lauren Manning. In 2012 I began disengaging from the extremist underground and I would love to be able to say that I made a clean break over night, however I would be lying through my teeth. From the outside looking in, my childhood seemed perfect. I grew up in a middle-class family with my […] Mehr lesen

It wasn’t enough for me to physically remove myself

Von Lauren Manning. Auszug: I’m Lauren, I’m 28 years old. I live just outside of Toronto, Ontario and I volunteer with anorganization called „life after hate“, which works to help individuals disengage from hate groups. I spent 5 years in hate groups and remember how difficult it is to leave that toxic network behind. I […] Mehr lesen

A Call for Recognition – On the causes of Political Islamism in Western Europe

Von Leon Valentin Schettler. Abstract: Why do Muslims born and socialized in Western European democracies radicalize towards Islamism? This is currently one of the most pressing questions plaguing scholars and Western European security agencies alike. Whereas existing studies largely focus on Islamist terrorism, this paper investigates the causes of political Islamism more broadly. As transitions […] Mehr lesen

Returning from the ‘Islamic State’ – Experieces from the counselig service HAYAT -Germany

By Julia Berczyk. Abstract: Persons traveling to participate in foreign conflicts by no means constitute a new phenomenon that is intrinsically tied to the ‘Islamic State’ (‘IS’) or other violent jihadist networks. When analyzing historical foreign fighter insurgencies, David Malet, for instance, reflects upon how local insurgencies – the conflicts oftentimes being portrayed as threat […] Mehr lesen

Bd. 4 (2014) Special Issue: Music and Radicalism

Inhaltsverzeichnis Foreword: Why Music? Benjamin Raphael Teitelbaum The Music Cultures of Radical Environmental and Animal-Rights Activism (REARA) Jonathan Pieslak A Collection of Interview Correspondences with Incarcerated ALF and Vegan Straight Edge/Hardline Activist Walter Bond Jonathan Pieslak Ohne Musik geht es nicht. Salafismus und „Nasheeds“ (Anasheed) in Deutschland Claudia Dantschke From Outcast to Martyr: The Memory […] Mehr lesen