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Right-Wing Extremist Radicalization Processes: The Formers’ Perspective

By Daniel Köhler. Abstract: This study is based on the in-depth analysis of nine narrative interviews with seven former high ranking German right-wing extremists. Giving an intensive overview about the related academic literature on right-wing radicalization processes the findings regarding the individual motivations for entry; belonging and exit are integrated therein, albeit focusing on the […] Mehr lesen

Bd. 3 (2013) Foreign Fighters & Counter Terrorism

Inhaltsverzeichnis Countering Violent Extremism across the Nordic Baltic Network. A Conference Report and Introduction to the NBN The British Embassy in Stockholm Zur Zusammenarbeit privatrechtlicher Initiativen und staatlichen Organisationen in Ausstiegsprozessen aus politisch radikalen Bewegungen Bernd Wagner Mum, I’m fighting for Allah now Ahmad Mansour Terror Superstars Daniela Pisoiu „Man muss in der Szene auch […] Mehr lesen

Bd. 2 (2013) What’s your experience? Deradikalisierung – International

Inhaltsverzeichnis EU Versus Extremism: Europe must respond to the threat of radicalisation, before it turns even more violent Cecilia Malmström Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte und zu Formatierungen von Ausstiegsinitiativen in Sachen Rechtsradikalismus in Deutschland (1990 – 2013) Bernd Wagner Tackling white supremacy, Australian style All Together Now Militant Extremism in a Preventive Perspective Morten Hjørnholm […] Mehr lesen

‚Pop-Jihad‘ – History and Structure of Salafism and Jihadism in Germany

By Claudia Dantschke. Abstract:  This Working Paper – focussing on Salafism, Jihadi groups, individuals and ideology in Germany – is a complementary study to Working Paper You Are Our Future. The Paper discusses several internal frictions and developments within the German Jihadi-Salafi movement and introduces the most relevant groups for current Jihadi radicalization in Germany. […] Mehr lesen

You Are Our Future! Muslim Youth Cultures in Germany and Salafi ‚Pop-Jihad‘

By Claudia Dantschke. Abstract: For many adolescents living in Germany labelled as “Muslim Kids“, religion is an important part of their identity. However, only a small minority defines themselves primarily by their religious background. The author shows that the segment of these primarily religiously defined Muslim adolescents actually splits in many different subcultural milieus. The religious orientations […] Mehr lesen