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Personal reflections from a woman in the extremist underground

By Lauren Manning. In 2012 I began disengaging from the extremist underground and I would love to be able to say that I made a clean break over night, however I would be lying through my teeth. From the outside looking in, my childhood seemed perfect. I grew up in a middle-class family with my […] Mehr lesen

It wasn’t enough for me to physically remove myself

Von Lauren Manning. Auszug: I’m Lauren, I’m 28 years old. I live just outside of Toronto, Ontario and I volunteer with anorganization called „life after hate“, which works to help individuals disengage from hate groups. I spent 5 years in hate groups and remember how difficult it is to leave that toxic network behind. I […] Mehr lesen

A Call for Recognition – On the causes of Political Islamism in Western Europe

Von Leon Valentin Schettler. Abstract: Why do Muslims born and socialized in Western European democracies radicalize towards Islamism? This is currently one of the most pressing questions plaguing scholars and Western European security agencies alike. Whereas existing studies largely focus on Islamist terrorism, this paper investigates the causes of political Islamism more broadly. As transitions […] Mehr lesen

Returning from the ‘Islamic State’ – Experieces from the counselig service HAYAT -Germany

By Julia Berczyk. Abstract: Persons traveling to participate in foreign conflicts by no means constitute a new phenomenon that is intrinsically tied to the ‘Islamic State’ (‘IS’) or other violent jihadist networks. When analyzing historical foreign fighter insurgencies, David Malet, for instance, reflects upon how local insurgencies – the conflicts oftentimes being portrayed as threat […] Mehr lesen

Bd. 4 (2014) Special Issue: Music and Radicalism

Inhaltsverzeichnis Foreword: Why Music? Benjamin Raphael Teitelbaum The Music Cultures of Radical Environmental and Animal-Rights Activism (REARA) Jonathan Pieslak A Collection of Interview Correspondences with Incarcerated ALF and Vegan Straight Edge/Hardline Activist Walter Bond Jonathan Pieslak Ohne Musik geht es nicht. Salafismus und „Nasheeds“ (Anasheed) in Deutschland Claudia Dantschke From Outcast to Martyr: The Memory […] Mehr lesen

Foreword: Why Music?

By Benjamin Raphael Teitelbaum. Abstract: “Every revolutionary movement has its own music, lyrics, and poets. The music does not create organizations, nor do musicians necessarily lead the revolution. But revolutionary/protest music gives voice to the dreams, visions, and fantasies of the revolutionaries and the utopian society they hope to establish” (Lööw 1998:126). Music might seem […] Mehr lesen

The Music Cultures of Radical Environmental and Animal-Rights Activism (REARA)

By Jonathan Pieslak. Abstract: While most recent research on radicalism prioritizes focus on religious and right wingoriented radicalism, radicalism and violence are, of course, not the sole domain of far-right political, religious, or racial ideology.1 This article addresses the most active and musical element emerging from the radical left today within the United States, Radical […] Mehr lesen

A Collection of Interview Correspondences with Incarcerated ALF and Vegan Straight Edge/Hardline Activist Walter Bond

By Jonathan Pieslak. Abstract: In September of 2013, I began a series of interview correspondences with Walter Bond, an Animal Liberation Front (ALF) activist presently incarcerated at the Communication Management Unit (CMU) of the Unites States Penitentiary in Marion, Illinois. The CMU is a recent designation unit, commonly housing militant jihadists, for inmates whose communication […] Mehr lesen

From Outcast to Martyr: The Memory of Rudolf Hess in Skinhead Culture

By Ryan Shaffer. Abstract: This article explores neo-Nazi skinhead culture by reviewing how the memory of Rudolf Hess is employed by extremists as a transnational icon. It highlights how Hess, an outcast in the Nazi party and imprisoned by the British, became a “martyr” to post-war fascists in Britain and Germany. This article reviews skinhead […] Mehr lesen