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Narratives as a Means of Countering the Radical Right; Looking into the Trojan T-shirt Project

By Andreas Dafnos.


The radical right, which constitutes a multifaceted and complex entity with roots in the history of Europe, has once again attracted the attention of several states due to its increasing influence on their social and political life. The potential consequences of this tendency have called for immediate and effective response that could derive either from the side of governments, local communities or independent organizations. In line with the latter, the main purpose of this paper is to look into the activities of EXIT-Germany, a nongovernmental organization operating since 2000, and more specifically to present in detail the multiple benefits of a particular action, entitled ‘The Trojan T-shirt Project.’ The campaign, that took place in 2011 at a rock festival in Gera, Germany organized by the rightwing extremist party National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), predominantly aimed to increase the awareness and popularity of the organization within the adherents of the German radical right scene. Moreover, the theoretical pillars of this study involve an analysis of the related concepts of narrative and counter-narrative, as they can contribute to a better and clearer understanding of the messages that the campaign communicated to its audiences.

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