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Hate, Violence and Megalomania (2/3)

From Military to Brotherhood (2/3) By Ferdinand. Verfasst von Fabian Wichmann und Felix Benneckenstein. German version. Ferdinand had joined the far-right Scene of Germany during his early teenage years. Motivated by an ideologically charged interest in militarism and the sanctification of fallen German soldiers (during World War II), he continued to further radicalize himself. He […] Mehr lesen

Inclusive Voices Unite

Harnessing the Power of Victims, Survivors, and Former Extremists in Prevention Campaigns By Fabian Wichmann. Experts convened to discuss the integration of victims, survivors, and former extremists in prevention campaigns. By sharing their experiences, these individuals humanize the consequences of extremism and offer valuable insights. The meeting focused on establishing guidelines for effective and sensitive […] Mehr lesen