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JEX 2.0


Heft 3/2016

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JEX 2.0


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Dear readers,

the former editorial staff is moving on to new pastures.

The new editorial team hereby cordially welcomes you. To further the transparency and practical relevancy and to strengthen the transfer of theory and practice, the editorial office is going to be enhanced spectrally as well as with regards to personnel – true to the motto: PRACTICE CREATES KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE CREATES PRACTICE. Questions of deradicalization and democratic culture will still constitute the main focus.  

The JEX will remain a platform to pose and discuss questions of theoretical and practical relevancy.

The next issue awaits you in 2015 with a brand new design.

We are very much looking forward to your further contribution and support.


On behalf of the editorial team,

Dr. Bernd Wagner

Prof. Dr. Dierk Borstel

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JEX Journal for Deradicalization and Democratic Culture


JEX is the first peer reviewed periodical in the world focusing on Radicalism, (De)-Radicalization and Democratic Culture.  JEX is an open access journal and completely free of charge - accessible after a registration at this homepage.

All articles are selected by a combined board of practitioners and academics for their practical relevance. We understand research not as an end in itself but a tool to deliver insights with direct significance for practical deradicalization work. JEX welcomes English contributions from practitioners, researchers and policy makers.

JEX promotes interdisciplinary exchange and creates synergistic effects through the combination of theory and practice and a permanent discourse between academics and practitioners. Therefore JEX is also a valuable forum for best practice sharing.

JEX quarterly – interdisciplinary – relevant 

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Wir wünschen viel Spaß mit dem neuen JEX und freuen uns über Feedback!

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